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About the trail

This audio guide will illustrate a walk around Westminster, from Trafalgar Square in the north to Pimlico in the south, highlighting events and individuals involved in the campaign to abolish the slave trade. Devised by the historian Steve Martin, it has been jointly produced by the National Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery, the Palace of Westminster, Tate Britain, Westminster City Archives, and Westminster City Council, all of whom are hosting exhibitions and programmes of events linked to the Bicentenary.

Richmond MuseumThe music you will hear has been composed by Ignatius Sancho and performed by the artist Paul Freeman. Westminster has been given kind permission by The Museum of Richmond to include excerpts of Sancho’s music in our audio trail.

The trail is narrated by Penelope Jagessar Chaffer with additional voiceovers by Sango Baku.

The walk is not comprehensive and there are many places in other parts of London that are significant in the history of slavery. But it is intended as a starting point for anyone interesting in exploring one of the most catastrophic events in modern British and world history.

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